The silverware rolling machine.

Restaurants and caterers could save between $16,000 to $27,000 a year...

using the SwiftSilver silverware rolling machine!

Hand rolling silverware can be catastrophic to profits and the reputation of your restaurant. Stop wasting valuable time and money on rolling silverware.

Protect your business from overspending on rolling silverware.

You Can’t Afford to Spend 16k to 27k on Rolling Silverware.

SwiftSilver is a commercial product that allows professionals in the food & hospitality industry to waste less time tediously rolling silverware together and dedicate more towards providing A-class service and building a reputation.

Simply fill up SwiftSilver with clean utensils and automate the process of having proper, sanitary silverware rolls — a farewell to spending hours wrapping cutlery into napkins!

From improving employee efficiency to maintaining high standards of sanitation, our product is an investment that will be sure to give you positive returns.

SwiftSilver — Fork, knife, spoon, customer - where should you spend your time?

Why Choose SwiftSilver?

During an ordinary shift, restaurant employees spend an average of 1.5 hours rolling silverware.

Restaurants are regularly forced to take valuable time to roll silverware. At the same time, their customers wait to be greeted, drinks to be refilled, or orders placed. This precious time not only costs the restaurant valuable labor time, but the reputation of the business can also be affected. With less time spent rolling silverware, customers receive more attention, resulting in world-class customer service!

You do your best to maintain efficiency in your restaurant...so why are you still hand-rolling silverware?

With SwiftSilver, you can spend less time and save money rolling silverware!

DID YOU KNOW? Restaurants could save between $16,000 to $27,000 a year using the right silverware rolling machine.

The truth is, restaurants are spending too much time hand-rolling silverware when customers deserve this valuable time and attention. Not only does hand-rolled silverware cost the business money, this process often results in shoddy looking wraps that are full of germs. Cost-effective and consistent quality wrapped cutlery can only be obtained using a silverware rolling machine.

Hand rolling silverware can be catastrophic to profits and the reputation of your restaurant.

SwiftSilver’s silverware rolling machine is quick and easy to use while cutting down on time and money spent rolling silverware.

The Inspiration

This idea was inspired by working in a restaurant for over 12 years. I can’t begin to tell you how many hours I’ve spent rolling silverware, observing how gross it is and how many people touch it during the process. I’ve also heard my co-workers' endless complaints about how bad their hands and shoulders hurt while doing it. I know it’s different everywhere, but on an average weekend, we spend at least 10 hours just rolling silverware. I think that businesses will love the time and money they will be saving. I think everyone under the sun will appreciate the sanitary reasons behind it.

What does SwiftSilver do?

SwiftSilver's multiple settings for silverware arrangement and napkin folding, produce consistent silverware rolls that your restaurant can proudly present to its customers. Since the user only handles the silverware while loading the cartridges, the process is not only more time-efficient but also cleaner. Ultimately, SwiftSilver assists restaurants in delegating their time to provide the best possible customer service experience.

After loading the silverware cartridges and placing the cartridges in the machine, all that remains is selecting the desired automation settings, and in an hour, 250 to 300 bundles of silverware will be ready to impress hungry customers.

Don't worry - your investment will pay off.

SwiftSilver has the potential to save your business anywhere from $576,000 to $972,000 in less than ten years.

SwiftSilver Can Roll:

- Forks

- Spoons

- knives

- Chopsticks

- Paper Napkins

- Cloth Napkins

- Multiple Styles

- Multiple Arrangements


SwiftSilver Silverware rolling machine will drastically reduce time spent rolling silverware and allow valuable time to be spent on customer experience.


Every silverware roll will be the same first-rate quality, aiding in your customer service experience.


Hand rolling silverware requires touching the cutlery throughout the entire process, where SwiftSilver reduces direct contact with the utensils.


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The silverware rolling machine.


The Silverware rolling machine.

Hand rolling silverware can be catastrophic to profits and the reputation of your restaurant. Stop wasting valuable time and money on rolling silverware.

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